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Hello my name is Leith Brown   

I am a UX/Product Designer



Growing up in New Zealand gave me a passion for the excitement of the outdoors, a free-thinking spirit and a propensity for fun, which I believe is mandatory if achieving quality results is your game. 

Transitioning from a career as a consultant level physiotherapist into design left me with a good knowledge of the private health sector within the UK. 

It was important to work within multipurpose teams towards a collective goal. The work was often about problem solving stubborn health issues for individual patients and thinking outside the box to deliver reliable solutions, skills I continue to develop and utilise. 

Some of those insights were gained through my work as a mindfulness teacher, exploring where the physical and the subtle world of mind, mingle imperceptibly.

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As a mindfulness teacher, I learnt the practical psychology behind stress reduction caused by failing functionality at the individual level. There appear to be striking parallels between such disruptive mood generation and the product design that disrupts good user experience. For when we are well the user processes of daily life are all but invisible. 

User experience design appears to do this in a different yet refreshing way. 

It fuels my desire for change and further inspiration. I remain unchanged in valuing the need for authenticity, trust and a propensity for hard work. Humbled by the methodology of UX, I am constantly learning & growing in this field. My aim is to demonstrate a willingness to be creative and continue to learn, amongst the people I work with.  

Thus, I am fascinated with human behaviour and its evolving anthropology, and passionate about the potential  that user experience design offers to express this. I’m hopeful its potential for functional product creation and  design will improve the way we live and the responsibility I feel we share with humanity. 

My Work
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