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Task #1

Delivery and billing addresses are a core part of any checkout. Propose an improvement CT’s current address handling.


The objective of this task is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your workflow (think research and competitor analysis, ideation, wireframes and possibly mock ups).


c.34% orders are placed by logged in visitors.


This exercise is designed to take no more than a few hours. 

Task #2

Review the website. What are the first 2 or 3 UX changes you would make, how would you prioritise them and what might you do to validate your proposals? Expect to have your suggestions critiqued. Please present your changes however you see fit.


At Charles Tyrwhitt we endeavour to produce the finest menswear, with timeless style and no compromise on quality. To top this off we provide exemplary customer service, with smashing prices and a pinch of British charm thrown in for good measure.

The core KPI of the Charles Tyrwhitt e-commerce team is conversion. Conversion between pages, add to basket conversion, overall order conversion. You name it…it’s conversion. We are extremely proud of our already well-performing site, but our job is to make it even better for our customers and for our business.


Task 1.

Delivery and billing addresses are a core part of any checkout. Propose an improvement to Charles Tyrwhitts' current address handling.

The objective of this task is to demonstrate a practical workflow. Demonstrate research, competitor analysis, ideation, wireframes and possibly mockups.

Around 34% of orders are logged in visitors.

Task 2.

Review the website and prioritise changes that might be required. How might you validate your proposals? 

Ironed Blue Shirts

UX Vision

1. Improve the core KPI - Conversion - by improving the current address handling and delivery.                                                 

Conversion rate = no. of sales/no. of visits

Conversion is driven by customer loyalty

Loyalty is driven by delightful user-centred experiences

2. Delightful user-centred experience requires journey completion or satisfactory delivery of      the product to the end-user. 

3. Delivery is therefore an essential part of building & maintaining customer loyalty. 

4. It is determined by reliability, communications and Trust.

Target Devices

Desktop, tablet/iPad and mobile.


Charles Tyrwhitt performed well against direct competitors in most areas showing a slight drop-off in quality of usability and information architecture on the site. 

Closest Direct Competitors:

T M Lewin, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss, Thomas Pink, Massimo Dutti, Hawes & Curtis and Moss

Supporting User Quotes


Supporting User Quotes

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 20.56.52.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 21.00.29.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 21.04.07.png


Proto-Persona Charles Tyrwhitt.png

Prime User Flow

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 12.13.26.png

Development Phase

Low Fidelity Mockup

U-F Checkout V2.png

Project Plan

Discovery Phase:

  • Meet Stakeholders

  • Review website

  • Review social media: Facebook & Twitter, etc.

  • Competitor analysis

  • Reviews: Onsite, Feefo, Trustpilot, Blogs

  • Contextual Enquiry - site visit, sales, customer services

  • CTO - data 

  • Quantitive/Qualitative research

  • User Research - screeners, questionnaires 

  • Card Sorting/Tree Testing

  • Usability Studies

  • Documentation

Define Phase:

  • Define the ‘User Why’ through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research. 

  • Concept mapping, User Why

  • Personas

  • User Journey

  • Task Analysis of Prime Personas through User Journey

  • Affinity Mapping, Overarching Theme/s

  • Possible Solutions to issues, challenging assumptions

  • Documentation

Development Phase:

  • Happy Path - Ideal User Journey, predictive modelling (AI) 

  • Feature Prioritisation

  • Design Studio, Design Principles, Ideation - Stakeholder, Team

  • User Flows – Paper Prototype, Testing & Iteration, Wire Frames (Omnigraffle/Sketch)

  • Site map (Omnigraffle)

  • User Interfaces - Paper Prototype, Testing & Iteration, Wireframing (Sketch)

  • Responsive Prototype (Invision)

  • Documentation

Delivery Phase:

  • Stakeholder Presentation by Team - Keynote with PDF Handout

  • Documentation

  • Suggested Implementation Plan with Testing & Iteration

  • Ongoing Usability Studies & Design Review

Discovery Phase

Competitor Analysis

Online Competitor Analysis Based On:

  • Key delivery attributes

  • Usability and information architecture

  • Content relevance and clarity

  • Action and engagement

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 10.41.30.png

Proto-User Research

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 21.04.07.png

Defining Phase

‘Proto-Research’ Findings 

The main issues were centred around:

   1. Poor communications - lack of sufficient contact & updates 

   2. Poor tracking services - customer frustration

   3. Unreliable courier services - not making delivery times/dates  

Possible Solutions to Issue Assumptions

Poor Communications - lack of sufficient contact & updates:

  • Every product/order is followed up regularly with SMS, email & voicemail

  • Read and confirm reply from customer to acknowledge each stage.

  • Website link for telephone, SMS or email enquiry to customer services using name, email & postcode as security included in communications

Poor Tracking Services - customer frustration:

  • Tracking App

  • Website link for individualised order tracking using name, email & postcode as security

  • In the event that tracking fails or is not in place, e.g., Post Office delivery or foreign country, SMS, E-mail, or voicemail becomes a part of alternative customer support

Unreliable Courier Services - not making delivery times/dates: 

  • Establishing rapport and regular dialogue with Post Office Delivery services

  • Creating an App with the delivery services

  • Creating a website link for SMS or email updates & enquiries to/from customer services using name, email & postcode as security included in communications


Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 20.41.50.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 20.38.47.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 20.44.57.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 20.47.10.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 20.47.26.png
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